Live Multi-Camera & Network Quality Productions

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Meet and engage your audience where they gather with a full multi-camera production package. The time is now! A network quality broadcast suite to maximize your exposure on Facebook Live and Youtube. We can no longer wait for people to find your community. Spread the word through social media--and make sure that every eye shall see. Be active. Be engaged. Be up-to-date.




More than just a live stream.


EESS is more than just a live streaming business – it's a top to bottom production service. Providing every community  with an affordable and non-intrusive live video services.  



HD Video

Utilizing the most advanced cameras in web streaming, EESS ensures a quality stream for the clearest of possible presentations. 


Live Production

With over 35 combined years of TV and video production, the EESS team provides network quality live production. 


Social Engagement

Engage your audience where they gather. With live Q&A, chat interaction, and dynamic live production, EESS provides the best of live broadcasting. 

Animated Graphics

 Individually catered branding, chyrons, wipes and presentation materials--all animated in Adobe After Effects with the most modern styles to engage your viewer..  

A Team of Professionals


Every Eye Shall See boasts over 35 years of T.V. and video production experience. We are excited to  help new communities utilize network quality live production at an affordable price.